New Judith Butler Zine at the Montreal Queer Book Fair

B&D will be once more at the fantastic Queer Between the Covers, Montreal queer book fair, this coming Saturday, August 18, in the Montreal Gay Village.

We will have Eloisa Aquino's new butch dyke zine with a mini-bio of Judith Butler and also Jenny Lin's Skinny Leg in its two incarnations: hardcover pop-up and softcover zine.

Queer Between the Covers is a exciting event in Montreal, part of the alternative Pride Pervers-Cité. There are tones of interesting materials, cool events, and a fun vibe. From their website:

Queer Between the Covers aims to provide access to queer materials that are otherwise unavailable in the city, as well as draw attention to the role of queer bookstores in providing community space and supporting queer cultural production.

Queer Between the Covers
Saturday, August 18th
11 am - 6 pm
1212 Panet (metro Beaudry)

Disclosure: I (Eloisa) am part of the collective organizing the fair this year ;)

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